bio ionic onepass flat iron When it boils down to hair tools, the role of a flat iron aka hair straightener is inescapable. Whether you have a wavy hair, curly locks or an insanely thick mane, a right flat iron can do wonders for you.

The key to excellent hair care without damage is selecting the best hair straightener. However, choosing a straightener that best fits for your hair type and texture isn’t an easy task.

To make things simple, we’re going to unveil some of the secrets that will surely help you shop a perfect flat iron for you.

Know Your Need!

The purpose of a reliable hair tool is to make your life easier, not harder. Moreover, your straightener should reduce inconvenience and trouble by giving your hair a lustrous, straight finish in no time.

So, if you think your current flat iron isn’t providing you satisfactory results or if you’re still suffering from long yet worthless hair straightening sessions, it’s time now to replace your straightener and pick a tool that best caters to your unique set of requirements.

Although hefty price stickers don’t always signify a superior device, giving more money for a tool usually means that you’re investing in a better quality product that is not only durable but will also give superlative results. I am not saying that you should shop for a $300 straightener, but spending a little more will set you free from repetitive repairs and damages.

Flat Irons for Different Hair Types & Textures

Ceramic Straighteners for Thin Hair

Consider ceramic flat irons if you have extremely fine or thin hair. Ceramic flat irons like Bio Ionic One Pass are excellent for taming frizz and hair straightening. Unlike other materials, ceramic has an ability to hold heat, enabling a straightener to gain high temperatures. In addition to that, ceramic plates also promote uniform heat dissemination.

You can select between flat irons with ceramic plates, tourmaline plates or a ceramic covering. I prefer ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron with tourmaline plates (Currently, I am using Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron and found it better than my previous inept hair straighteners). Tourmaline basically is a gemstone, but works as a ceramic coating when applied on ceramic straighteners.

Titanium Flat Irons for Coarse Hair

If you have extremely frizzy, thick and coarse hair, take a look at titanium flat irons which heat up speedier than ceramic straighteners. Titanium is a metal type that has an ability to hold high heat at constant temperatures. With this type, you can get beautiful-looking, smooth and straight hair without having to riffle through the same hair section multiple times. Avoid using titanium irons if you have fine hair as it may result in hair damage.

Besides material, it’s also important that you pay attention to the right size or design of the straightener. Moreover, don’t forget to sniff through different options to find the flat iron that fits your budget. Make sure to balance all of the important aspects while purchasing a flat iron for you and you’ll soon observe shiny, lustrous and healthy hair. After all you worth it!